Cheers Richard. I’m always surprised how people don’t understand that in this game when compiling systems or strategies that it’s frankly impossible to foresee the future. You don’t know the SP price of any horse until after the event. You don’t know if a horse is going to drift or fall in price. You have no way of knowing if non runners are going to reduce a race size so that it becomes a non qualifying race or that reserves will become contenders. Everyman and his dog hopefully knows that to succeed you basically have to beat the market and the only way of truly understanding if you actually are is to have hard data that includes the actual number of bets (known in advance), the winning strike rate of those selections and the prices you can readily obtain. I prefer a worse case scenario in terms of P & L then if people have the skill sets and maybe time to monitor markets and/or alter their betting in light of new information not known, then there is always the opportunity to improve the base figures.

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