Thanks for all your kind words this week.
My goal from the start was to a) Not let myself or Matt down and b) to build a bank of at least 150 points up by the end of the year
It’s been fabulous, with great support from Matt and you guys, with my enthusiasm for this thread still as strong as it was in April.


To £1 ew stake +£250.11

4 x 0.5pt BOG each way doubles as follows…

Exeter 1.20 & Uttoxeter 3.45

Abracadabra Sivola/Transient Bay (11/2 & 13/2 Bet Victor)
Abracadabra Sivola/Pret A Thou (11/2 & 14/1 Bet Victor)

Albert D’Olivate/Transient Bay (9/1 & 13/2 Bet365)
Albert D’Olivate/Pret A Thou (9/1 & 14/1 Bet365)

Your first 30 days for just £1