This is a great site but I have been unable to make a profit from it either, using it as a stand alone. I find I get pulled in too many different directions.( I am reminded of the Two Ronnies Mastermind sketch if you get my gist).

If I had to use one aspect I would look at the best of ‘Instant Expert report’ and look to play the Place only market to begin with, finding horses that have decent going and distance percentages plus course form is preferable too. Class and Field size are less relevant but a positive at least if they are included as well.

There are a number of months during the year that are tricky which for me are October and April in particular. November is not as bad for me as those two.

What I now do is use Geegeez in conjunction with other sites such as HorseRaceBase and Patternform (which is free) where I have a number of ideas that the combination of Ggz helps with. Whatever, it is not easy and selecting winners with all these lovely tools is much more difficult for me, than say ten years ago when they were not available. I have no explanation for that other than perhaps more people are informed than in the past because of these sites and the prices available are less value?

I would also ditch doing multiple bets and concentrate on small win and place bets with perhaps a 30/70 staking plan ie £3 win/£7 place using a stake of £10. You need to keep in the game and if you can make a one point profit each day, you will be plus thirty at the end of the month. Then you can up your stakes accordingly.

Good luck.

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