Hi Guys. Thanks for the replies.
Richard, I think most of us can be a bit guilty of over analysis a lot of the time, and that is more than likely my issue. “SHINY THING SYNDROME”, as I remember it being called during my time in the Army. Too many toys to play with!
Sunchu, yeah, I think I need to stick with basic tools for now, until I get a proper chance to look at the other items properly. I will eventually find my weapons of choice.
As for the bets, I get what your saying Richard, but apart from the last 2 weeks, I’m normally reasonably successful. This year, I’m averaging over £17;00 per week in profit. The idea is to get to the point were I can actually keep the money so I can build the bank (not easy as my 12 yr old daughter has usually got it spent before I win it ;-)). My intention is to cover my 4 main selections as single win or e/w bets, with the lucky 15 as a 1/2 point extra.
Once again, thanks for the info. Now just looking to see if I can get back on track. Best of British, all.

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