Hi Future, sure every base selection and posted selections are logged together with their Early price. Every winner’s price at BFSP and industry SP is also recorded. At some point I will investigate the different odds ranges when I have more data. Frankly price analysis using historic data SP’s can be skewed by the fact that all the historic data bases only tend to log the starting prices. So you may find that horses between the odds ranges of 3/1 – 10/1 for example are the most profitable, however in the morning you simply do not know if a forecast horse priced at 16/1 will be backed into 8/1 or alternatively if a 5/2 morning price actually drifts out to 7/2. So I try not to be too price focused. That said selections at both ends of the spectrum are perhaps easier to predict, for example short odds on or horses above 50/1 however a recent 50/1 selection at its morning price winning at 16/1 demonstrates the difficulties of this approach.

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