thanks again maverick , yes that’s just what i had got in mind when asking about the prices of horses .
i have heard about that pareto principle before yes , but not for a while , i think it was when someone was on about the top jockeys picking up most of the wins , in fact .. i have just searched for it ..15 years old now but you can of course still look at it ..https://www.flatstats.co.uk/blog/turf/80_20_rule_applied_to_horse_racing.html
i’m interested to see the most really what profits and strike rate there would be for instance for the horses you listed say from 5/1 and under from the early price to see if that section had and legs or not , ie thinking of value ? , i think i will look at that myself now to help you out as i appreciate all you do yourself , i will post the fidings up .

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