Ray Thompson

Just one winner again yesterday, giving a nett loss of -30.25 points

NH Don HC+12, HH-80X, FN+27, ATR
2.00HC Clancy’s Cross 42

NH Nby HC+73, HH-4, F+1, RUK
1.05HC After Eight Sivola 100, Authorized Too 70, Maxamisi 42 and Suit Yourself 32
2.45HC Red Spinner 42 and Royal Flight 25C

AW Ncs M-6, H+496, HN+25, ATR
12.40HN Belle’s Angel 50 and Silver Gleam 36
1.15M Noble Behest 200, Belisa 150, Power Power70 and Mukalal 32
1.45M Eighth Circle 200, Dreamofdiscovery 150, Life Won’t Wait 100 and Lady Rowena 42
2.20H Raven Banner 100, Livella Fella 32 and Shadow Spirit 32
3.30H Balducci 42, War Department 42, The Lynch Man 32, Pickett’s Charge 25C and Weather Front 25C

Evening AWs to follow…

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