Ray Thompson

AW Wol M+301, H+1,016, HN+34, ATR
4.15H Monsieur Jimmy 50, Dr Red Eye 32, Lou Marin 32 and Sir Geoffrey 32
4.45H Baileys Pursuit 42, Life Of Fame 36, Spowarticus 32, Compton Prince 25C and Intense Starlet 25C
5.45H Oh So Dandy 70, Debonair David 32 and Flashing Light 25C
6.45H Bahango 32, Ticks The Boxes 25C
7.15H Chilworth Bells 80 and Beautiful Stranger 70
7.45H St Patrick’s Day 100, Gossiping 42, With Pleasure 36 and Lord Of The Storm 32

AW Dun M+311, H+1,196, HN+34, ATR
6.00H Lucent Dream 100, Qualia 32, Spartan’s Queen 32 and Brokopondo 28
6.30M Sleepy Head 150, Maladh 70, Ladies Wish 70 and Buddha’s Secret 70
7.00HN Seapoint 25C
7.30M Goodnight Irina 200 and Mags Well 100
8.00H Sas 100, Rosin Box 32 and Plough Boy 25
8.30H Digger Dandy 100, Imprimatur 100 and Commanchie Creek 80
9.00H Cliffords Reprieve 80, Antiquus 42, Caminel 36 and Like A Prayer 32

Point Of Interest: if you cringe at every sight of a misplaced or missing apostrophe, an incorrect spelling or any other grammatical glitch, if you’re a pained pedantic person who will explain to local grocers why their chalkboard contravenes civil decency in a public place, then you’re not alone. I pity the poor geegees who are handicapped by ungrammatical names, and while it hurts to have to write them out here, IT’S NOT MY FAULT!!!

Okay, now play nice and don’t pull the girls’ pigtails in the playground 😀

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