Future, thanks for those figures – saves me a job! So a 31% SR and a 7.53% ROI at BFSP. On the face of it not very exciting many would say. No big priced winners or adrenaline hits, however now let me demonstrate the awesome power of compounding. Providing these numbers can be maintained we average 10 selections per day. We continue to hit a 31% SR with a 7.53% ROI at BFSP. Based on the SR we only need a 50 point bank. So each day on average we place 10 bets – let’s assume we use a £500 bank so that’s 10 x £10 bets. Our historic ROI is 7.53% so every day we place £100 in bets but gain just £7.53 in profit – hardly worth it many would say?. However that’s a 1.50% bank growth per day. We do this for 30 days compounding as and when the bank reaches a new high. If we average the 1.50% growth each day after 30 days our £500 bank is now £781. So over a month our £500 starting bank has grown to £781 – a 56% bank growth in one month. Continue this over a full year averaging 50% bank growth each month with our 10 bets per day and 7.53% ROI and after 12 months our bank is £68,853. Food for thought I expect.

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