thanks for that maverick , i wanted to help you out , took me an hour or so , but worth it i hope , like you say looks nothing to shout home about at first and most people would just ditch it ..but when you look at that over a year compounding …IF it still goes as well it then becomes really exciting .
i wanted to see if it was worth it to go with the lower priced horses from the morning prices to try and save you some time and effort in coming up with the selections , but probably wise to keep them in now eh .
i’ve been waiting 40 years now mate to find something to follow from a horse racing system that could change my life for the better because frankly i’ve not had a very good one at all since the day i was born , i’m now 60 , i was dealt the wrong cards as someone once said to me .
yours has definately given me hope and like i said a few days ago i am thinking of giving this a go in the new year if you don’t mind keep on posting the selections up so as i then i can follow .
it certainly looks promising so far being pretty consistent to find winners and now and again it seems to be able to find some longer priced ones also .
it’s very important i feel to keep good records like your doing about different things to then check on as many wouldn’t bother doing that , i think you have to put in the hard work to get the rewards as they say .
on my thread i changed some settings yesterday and it’s made a decent start if you care to look .

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