Future, they say that only 2-3% people actually win money at racing. I believe that this has more to do about mindset than anything else, especially with the resources now available. The first stage is undoubtedly understanding yourself. Are you impulsive or impatient or emotionally fragile when it comes to bad days or losing runs? Do you struggle to stick with a plan e.g. a betting bank even if set aside for a specific plan invariably gets used for other bets especially if you’re having a bad day? Are you more a hare than a tortoise failing to see that the end of the race isn’t after a day, but over a year or longer ? Are your bet types wrong? I rarely ever now do any multiple bets or forecasts because over time I realised that they were losing me money. Frankly it’s pointless having any plan or system that works if you then waste the profits or jeopardise the bank’s growth on bets outside of the parameters/selections that your bank is meant for.

I hear people say that they haven’t got a large enough bank but are quite happy to lose £5 or £10 per day “playing for fun”. My advice stop gambling put that money away for a year and then you’ll have £2000+. Then use the time not gambling but planning for when you have saved that bank.That £2000 if just used on this sites Stat of the day would historically generate nearly £3000 a year (using a 50 point bank) and there are other resources here equally profitable. There’s a enormous difference between backing for fun on a Saturday afternoon to treating this pastime as a means to generate real additional income. Don’t confuse the two or use the same betting bank for both activities. I first got hooked on racing nearly 40 years ago as my dad was a very unsuccessful punter much to my mother’s angst!. Hopefully I’ve learned a great deal from his mistakes and above all is my ability to restrict my losses and engage that safety valve known more commonly as only bet what you can afford to lose. That’s why a betting bank outside of your usual day to day expenses is so vital. Be prepared to understand, change and alter your past habits. Having a system/selection process etc is just one small part of the equation to success with both patience and discipline and money management equally crucial.

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