this i feel is now turning into one of those unforgetable type of threads , like sunchu says we can learn a lot from it .
most of those those things you mention maverick are what i have experienced with my betting over the years and frankly it’s about time i changed my mindset .
i have said i want to start in the new year because to me that would be a fresh start , in the meantime i’m going to have a break from betting for the rest of the year , i have read about that before to be the best thing to do .
i have had too many stupid bets over the years and lost lots of money that really i couldn’t afford to do .
this now i feel has to be my last chance to make it work .
i feel more determined than ever now at the present to make it happen , and for that to succeed i must change my ways , i know that more and more now .
so now i will take in all you have said , in fact i have just copied and pasted it over to myself on e-mail that i can look back on everyday just to remind myself what i’m doing wrong .
thanks maverick again for helping .

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