Its great to see so many questions and answers to this game of ours, well done all and lets keep it going ive been a member of to many forums that simply die due to no one posting, personally i like the compounding of a bank when following a profitable series of tips of course. Like i said in a earlier post i use the staking machine that does all the work for me in that respect, the best 30 odd quid ive ever spent, however once my bank reaches a certain point i start again at my starting level. It keeps stakes sensible and my sanity intact. Diversity is the key for me in staying in this game for some 35 years now , blimey where as that time gone. I split my efforts in three zones daily, my system bets , trading and a bot that i set up daily to certain criteria and it just ticks away all day while im busy trading.
Future, ive not had chance to look at your thread yet, i will very soon though.
Have a successful saturday lads and sorry maverick for rattling on in your thread, im not following these selections yet as i just have to much on and im off to Tenerife next week but when im back i will be indulging if your good enough to continue posting.
Finally ill just echo what was mentioned in an earlier post Tonys thread and the SOTD, both are excellant and well worth looking at. SOTD suffered a particularly poor patch a while ago, the first i encountered since following many moons ago but im glad to say its once again firing in the winners and Tony, well what can we say about Tony, incredible how he finds these doubles at decent prices on a regular basis.

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