I hear many people leave Saturdays out but I’ve never considered it. Whilst I agree that there are generally more meetings and the racing can be competitive with larger fields could it be that this alone creates a negative and daunting perspective for many to start with? Added to which if people are off work they they may put more study time into Saturday’s (and perhaps even wager more) but if the results don’t materialise the reason is put down to it being Saturday. It could well be that their habits may also change on a Saturday compared to weekdays e.g. being drawn to the big advertised TV races? I remember many years ago using quite a long winded and time consuming process to identify selections. I did this religiously and it was worthwhile spending the 2-3 hours per evening on this process. Then along came a bank holiday meeting with 3 times the number of usual meetings. I was up nearly all night finding the 8 selections that day. Seven of them won and before anyone asks they were all backed as singles. Moral of the story: don’t change your behaviour on Saturday’s – the racing is exactly the same added to which, as less favourites statistically win on Saturday’s there’s actually more value to be found. If you start off thinking Saturday’s will be poor invariably your negative thinking will transpire to ensure it happens.

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