Best of luck Paul – will watch with interest – as I do with others here.

I also have just started a new system for myself having been inspired by Mavericks comments about compounding.

I refined a system of mine on Friday hoping to achieve a 20% SR with average odds of 5/1 – but will be very happy with a ROI (or ROC) of 5% – which I will compound hopefully.

Yesterdays bets (10) went W6/1, L, W6/1, W7/2, W9/2, L, L, L, 2nd, 2nd – a staggering start – and one bet only today W5/1.
….and I bet them. Early days yet but well ahead of my target/aim.

Personally, Paul, (if you have the funds), I think you should bet your selections – it will sharpen your instincts and desire to win.

NB/. I have only been here one week and I am already addicted to this site LOL

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