Hi lads. Sorry I’m a bit late with this, it’s like Emergency Ward 10 here 🙂

Ok, so we’ve seen how I select qualifying races. From the 20 races on the cards today, I was left with just 5 to make selections from. At NC, there was the 3.20 & 4.50. At LU, there was 2.10 & 3.10, and finally at PL, there was just the 2.30. I’ll write up here, my decision making process.

I looked at the 2.10 LU. COCHINILLO was 3rd f in RPBF. TNR & JKY 30 day form was OK, without setting the world on fire, but TNRs 1 & 5yr course form made bad reading. Cochinillo scored well on Instant Expert 11/15 (I score red fields 1 pt, amber 2 pts & green 3 pts) IE is set on place. It was also top half on speed ratings. However, the big decider, for me, was that it had been away from the track for just over 1 year. So That was eliminated.

In the 3.10 LU. L Frank Baum was 3rd f in RPBF. While the horse had some form, both TNR & JKY 30 day form was uninspiring. Horse only scored 7/15 on IE, and was in the middle of the stack for speed. That too was eliminated.

PL 2.30. Shimba Hills was 3rd f in RPBF. His form looked to be improving and while TNRs 30 day form wasn’t good, I couldn’t ignore both 1yr & 5yr record. JKY had decent 30 day form. The score on IE was only 8/15 but it was top on speed ratings, which was backed up by a good SR on Patternform. So that was why I put it in as my selection here.

NC 3.20. Sennockian Song 3rd f in RPBF. Recent form nothing to shout about. While he’s from a top yard with TNR in decent form recently, JKY form was too poor. Also only scored 5/15 on IE and SR nowt to shout about. Eliminated.

NC 4.50. Horsforth 3rd f RPBF. Excellent form figures, CD winner. TNR/JKY form good. Scored 12/15 on IE and was 3rd highest in SR, again backed up on Patternform. Definite selection.

Hope that gives you some insight into the selection process lads. Constructive criticisms welcome.

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