Ray Thompson

I didn’t mean a -60 bang! Without that huge loss we would have been on a par with last year’s Nov results, however, the beastly +666.3 nett is a solid result. I’ve been working hard on something that’s been niggling me for a few months and I’ve found a money-saving answer which might shock you … after today’s selections and my lunch

NH Lei HC+7, HH+66, ATR
2.35HH Lights Of Broadway 42
3.40HH Diamond Tammy 42 and Callaghan 42

NH Mar HC+115, HH+19, RUK
3.25HH First Fandango 42, Tiger Twenty Two 36 and Crookstown 36
3.00HH Tennessee Bird 36

NH Thu HC-37X, HH-33X, ATR
12.45HCX Lord Lir 70 and Betterthanalright 32
2.50HHX Nanacaulsitesker 70, Diggin Deep 70, Wingoldandwearit 70, Clounts Meadow 42, Killahara Castle 42 and Pixie Lane 42
3.25HHX Flemenspower 70, Our Lizzie 70, Blues Dancer 70, Auntie Annie 42, Cappacurry Sox 42 and Alices Man 42

AW Cfd M+80, H+373, N-27X, ATR
4.10NX Dutch Cat 60 and Delfie Lane 32
4.45M Alfonso Manana 80, Vibes 42, and Five Star Frank 32
5.15H Interlink 70, Varsovian 50, Picture Dealer 42 and Welease Bwian 42
5.45H Two For Two 150, Lil Sophella 100, Iberica Road 50, Ali Khan 42 and Jack’s Revenge 36
6.15H Fantasy Gladiator 80, With Pleasure 80, Rivers Of Asia 70, Billy Bond 42 and Gracious George 42
6.45H Permera 70, Supa Seeker 70 and The Name’s Bond 32
7.15H Hall Of Beauty 80, Monzino 80, Street Art 50 and Roughlyn 36
7.45H Roy’s Legacy 70, Pearly Queen 42, Spryt 42 and Spice Mill 36

Back after lunch with big info PLUS some possibles this p.m. at Meydan