Ray Thompson

Don’t bet on these please, just some guesswork to see if it’s worth following. I’d file Meydan as an AW and these are the prices I’d expect to see today on the dirt track. On turf they’ll be FT, but we’ll check them out for awhile before diving in.

Mey 3.05M Modhilah 42, Souls In The Wind 42
3.40M Desert Skywalker 200, Armadillo 80, Istiqlaal 70, Globalist 70 and Arcarius 42
4.15H Ribaat 70, Jally 70, Corso Como 42 and Khubala 42
4.50H Ehtedaam 42, Ocean Telegraph 32 and Dynamite Ferid 25
5.25H Crowdmania 32, Epsilon 32 and Outrank 28
6.00H Groor 42, Zamaam 32, Zain Eagle 32 and Billingsgate 28

BIG NEWS: a slight change to the betting. I’ve put in some long hours going from Oct ’15-Nov ’16 (14 months inclusive) to check out the 25/25C history, and this is what I found…

There have been 2007 bets at 25/25C. There has been 23 winning bets in that time with a nett return of 546.25 points. That leaves the few returns from all 25s minus 1,460.75 points. That’s not good.

From today the minimum ISP is raised to 18/1 (28 BSP) and 25 when available for lesser ISPs. So, no more 25Cs but yes to 25. I’m sure you’ll agree with that considering these historical stats.


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