great stuff that mate , yes a brilliant first month now finished , onwards and upwards mate , best of luck for today on what is usually a tough saturdays betting .
you say it might have been a lucky month , think of it in another way , it might have just been a very good one , other months if you could reach just a fraction of that in pts terms fairly consistently with just the odd one or two here and there minimal losing ones then compounding your bank it would look very healthy , remember also that there have been over 900 selections with a decent strike rate , that should give you confidence .
yes i know still early days but it shows consistency so far apart from that bad 7 days downturn of 90 pts , but you never know in a years time it could turn out to be proven that it was the worse one to endure in that time .
for all the work you have put in over the years betting this one deserves to succeed big time .
i am with you all the way , once again heres to good one today .

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