thanks maverick , sure there are always doubts i suppose , but you just have to stick to your principles in picking out the selections for the day then just let events take it’s course , like you said before there’s nothing you can do about it to change the results afterwards .
with days like saturdays though you need a bit of luck more to make a profit i feel with more selections in the day , should be the same during the summer as well with all the night meetings going on i expect .
as your stakes grow as well with loads of selections a really bad day is always going to be in your head for something you don’t want to see .
as long as you hit more good days than bad though you should be ok , you listed all the bad habits before for me such as patience , discipline etc , so just try and keep calm and go with it .
still thinking of coming on board starting in the new year with you if you don’t mind that is .
as always best of luck for today mate .

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