Hi guys hope this helps the best way to use Geegeez Gold is as a combination, firstly the one point i always use on any of the reports or looking at any race is to use the instant expert, what i look for is uncompetitive races by this youn want a race where their is mainly red or grey on say 80% of horses look for a horse that has mostly green or amber but others do not, I know that sounds simple but sometimes simplicity works, i do not mean it need to have arow of green, even 1 green and 3 amber is good as long as most or all the others have red or grey, to help take a report (The Shorlist) leave any selection that has a red mark in the list of the 4 categories on the rest click on the time of race and go to the race go to instant expert if their is lots of green leave race if their is lots of amber leave race what we are looking for is just 1 or 2 horses with green and or amber and the rest mainly red and grey, then go to card and check trainer and jockey form, if they are going well good S/R and good P&L then this makes the selection a strong bet, use this method for all horses in every report, you will find a horse comes up more than once, alsomuse trainer snippets in the same way but remeber to use the parameters at the bottom to stripmdown the horses, i normally get between 3 and 12 selections a day, if it helps in november (not to brag) I made 83.80 pt profit using this way of selection process my best November everbut not my best month since being a member, if you want any more help am here please PM me or message me here

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