Cheers guys, just finishing my betting housekeeping and daily spreadsheet etc and a very nice start for the second month. Some interesting numerical facts: That annoying 90 point bank drop has now been recouped with interest after today’s great result. My initial 150 point bank compounding after each day when a bank high is reached is now showing 536 points – a 3.57 times growth after 32 days! Ruby Yeats the 82.39 BFSP winner today (Early price 50/1) was readily available pre race at all rates up to 150. It got matched in running at 1000, which is my second winner to have attained that rare distinction. Backing all 990 selections to date at 1000 in play and I could claim that you’re showing a 910 point profit and not just the 212 point at BFSP! Therein lies the power of historical number manipulating. It’s so easy to highlight the “best” improved results after the event, but realistically who’s prepared to back 908 losers and there’s also absolutely no guarantee that there will ever be any future 1000 in play winners. With BFSP or EP/BOG there’s no hiding from reality. Also trying to second guess Betfair SP I find decidedly difficult. The returns from all the winners at EP/BOG is +218 points compared to BFSP’s +212 points. Industry SP is -26 pts. Makes me conclude that being a slave to the Betfair market is seemingly pretty pointless if these numbers are any indication?

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