Sondrio what’s a “bookie account”? LOL I stand more chance of finding a 40 year old virgin in Chesterfield! No disrespect intended to anyone from Chesterfield. Almost strictly Betfair these days I’m afraid! Another way that I utilise compounding is to test new ideas before they get serious. There’s nothing like a monetary interest to focus an idea and for example I started this thread with a £300 bank. Frankly I had very little historic data I could check so a 150 point bank was deemed sufficient which at BF’s minimum stake of £2 came to £300. I then normally set a stop loss whereby if the bank loses 50% I either end the idea or adjust accordingly. So at worse I’m £150 down for testing out an idea giving it a trial run so to speak. If/when the bank doubles I then take out the original stake and continue at no risk.

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