Ok im gonna try to explain my process but as i said it is down to individual preferences
1. Never back odds on shots if a selection is priced under evens remove it
2. Always use Instant Expert as first point of reference to gauge horse form or competiveness of race.
3. If a race seems competitive (a few greens and ambers spread between horses) leave race alone
4. Judge how well you think trainer and jockey are performing using 14D 30D and 5Y course form as well as the trainer snippets to see if they are performing well in this type of race
5. Use the form tab only if you want to access last few races in comparison with IE data

Use all the reports pages except for Head To Head & Best Of RAR
Set report pages to runs 20 wins 20% P&L 0 A/E 1.25 I/V 1.25 this gives the best selections in my view if you want you can change runs to 10 but it makes more work
Go through each report stating with Shortlist for this pick selections with no Red in any of the categories the rest of the reports use filters
Click on the race time to bring up that race, go to Instant Expert and make sure tab is on WIN and look to see horse form look for a horse that has no or 1 red mark (if their is a red box check to see if they have wins in that category or an avergae S/R)
Also look to see if race is competitive if to many horses have same reports (same amount of greensand ambers) then the race is not any good for us, we are looking for our horse to stand out, next go to racecard click on trainer tab and access the form of the trainer we are looking for him to be in good form last 14/30 Days and have some form at the course, next check the snippets area just below the form here we need the trainer to be consistant and have a good S/R even if the P&L is red ( not to high though) as long as he is consistant across the stats.
Next go to jockey tabanddo the same checks.
If all 3 sources find the horse loo,s to have a good chance then this becomes a bet.
Do this process for all horses in every category for every report, if you havemore than 1slection for a race (which I have rarely come across then look againat race to see if competitive or to eliminate a selection if not then either play both or leave alone.
When you have done all the reports my final check ia to go through every race onthe INSTANT EXPERT TAB and look to see if their areany horses that stand out inany race that I may not have seen by this look for horses with consistant formacross all areas on IE and whereall the othershave no form so a horse stands out.
If you find a selection thendp the trainer/jockey checks as well to make sure everything is in place.
This may seem a bit long winded and to some obvious but I would bet not many check all aspects of the race to see if their selection is a good bet, not all will win, many will place and if they do you are doing something right, staking these horse are down to the individual i personally bet all to win (upon doing a study of my own selections and other tipsters as well I found that backing E/W is less profitable and tipsters only make E/W bets on selections even low priced ones like 5/2 to hide their poorstrike rates, I did a survey of 5 tipsters based on their selections and all of them were more profitable backing their selections WIN ONLY but their strike rates halved and their losing runs doubled this is what their afraid of) in the last 3+ months doing this system at win only I have made profit starting £100 bank on level staking here is how it h has gone
£405.00 Total Staked
£206.57 Flat Profit
51.00% ROI
105 Winners
300 Losers
405 Bets
25.93% Strike Rate
7.38 Avg SP
16 Longest Losing Run
4 Longest winning Run (twice)

Have fun with it, stay positive and dont get bogged down, at first it maytake some time but each daynow I get through in about an hour on most days and 2 on really busy days but the effort is worth it as you can see

Your first 30 days for just £1