Hi guys just on a comment by FUTURE about compounding I have an analysis for you on compounding on a level up staking plan by this I mean we start with a bank of £50 and stake at 2% per bet per day, so the stake is the same for each bet on that day, but we only increase the stake every £50 added to bank, so you may bet £1 for the first 50 or so bets until we reach £100 and so on, but we do not decrease the stake if it goes down it stays the same until we reach the next £50 barrier.

So from 1/9/16 to date
Starting bank £50
Staking 2%
Increase Stake every £50 gained
Bet the same amount for each bet on the same day only increase the following day if bank increases above the £50 gain

£50.00 Bank
£3683.50 Total Staked
£1658.93 Flat Profit
£1708.93 Balance
45.04% ROI
107 Winners
301 Losers
408 Bets
26.23% Strike Rate
7.35 Avg SP
£34.00 current stake.

Hope this helps and if anyone starting a new this could be a good way of starting so your bank increases steadily but saftely.

Your first 30 days for just £1