No problems Future as I’m wholly transparent and open with all the selections and figures. One significant aspect of this game is the fact that in an ideal world we all like to see an orderly and linear set of results. So we focus on the daily results wanting a perfect 10% ROI each and every day with a SR of 15% or whatever our targets or aspirations are. The harsh reality is that results don’t always mirror our tidy and linear expectations or so I’ve learned over the years. What really matters are results over time – ideally a year or longer. There are 7 days in a week and 5 days may well be losing days. There are 12 months in a year and 4 months may well be losing ones. Any losing day or month for that matter is just a small snapshot of the journey. Neither of these periods and their respective profits or losses matter as it’s the yearly period and longer that is important and whether profits have in fact been generated and crucially whether the bank we are using is robust enough to ride out the inevitable peaks and troughs. The past is an indication of the future statistically speaking, but as I highlighted previously despite data now from 833 races and 1886 unfiltered selections even I can’t predict with absolute certainty what the next 833 races may produce. From these 833 races 292 winners have been identified at all prices, however perhaps more telling is the fact that at EP/BOG the return has been 2038 points (+152 points) yet at industry SP the return is only 1636 points (-250 points). This tells me fairly confidently that my selection process certainly identifies value, which is what we strive for and need to sustain any profitable strategy. At least today was better!

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