I sure do Future. To date excluding today 1950 selections in 861 races producing 300 winners. That’s a SR of 15.38% and at BFSP excluding commission a 280 point profit. At EP/BOG we have a profit of 145 points. You’re right that the BFSP figures include that 200 priced winner which skews the numbers massively. Taking the EP/BOG prices, which is probably a fairer comparison we have a ROI of 7.43% which in itself can’t be sniffed at. As you know I’m driven by the numbers and comparing the unfiltered selections with the filtered selections the filtered selections are still edging it. There are of course days where good winners are missed from the base selections, but that’s just one day’s results and it’s the total picture that is more crucial. I’m sure with more work and time that additional filters may well improve the numbers, however I’m extremely conscious of trying to 1) keep the process simple and 2) the more filters the more time this takes and that old adage if ain’t broke don’t fix it comes to mind.

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