Ray Thompson

Hi kevil9! Last December gave a monthly profit of 663.78 points and Jan was worst month (190.75 points nett) so far. Feb at 301.50 improved a bit but clearly Mar thru Aug are our best days. Sept proved 2nd worst so far with +196.55 but Oct and Nov are also pretty good. I’m hoping however that the current month will pick up, but it could well be our first negative ever. Considering the overall success of the system (heretofore dubbed The Mondo Method 😀 ) I believe a negative month has been expected.

Matt is really trying to get things more mechanized to make the method more accessible and time-saving for us all. Yesterday was a great example (again!) of what could be instantly updated: Back Before Dawn won the ‘X’ed 1.00 at Thurles, thus making the 1.35X eligible for betting and The Conker Club won at BSP 28, 42 my early match and peaked at 80.

Yesterday’s nett profit therefore was +16 points.

NH Ayr HC+112, HH-72X, MH+21, RUK
12.50MH Christmas In USA 80, Gworn 70, Fairlee Grey 70 and Braes Of Lochalsh 70
1.55HC Silverton 42 and Oscar Lateen 42
2.30HHX Too Many Chiefs 70, Hartforth 70 and Maggie Blue 42

NH Hereford, ATR. Not enough stats from the two meets since re-opening in October. Best months 2011-12 were Dec and Sep
12.35HC Sussex Road 150, Red Whisper 150 and Gustav 100
1.35HH Deckers Delight 42
2.40HH The Mad Well 70
3.10HC Alottarain 70, Hot Pepper 60, Texas Forever 42, Grams And Ounces 42 and Bestwork 32
3.40F Jubilympics 70, Avon Conquest 70, Dites Rien 50, State Sovereignty 42, Sheelbewhatsheelbe 42 and Midnight Charm 42

AW Cfd M+75, H+350, ATR
1.45HN Marquee Club 70
2.50H Bobby Benton 50, Torch 36, Greyfriarschorista 36
3.20H Clement 70 and Showing Off 60
3.50H Imperial Link 70, Pearly Queen 70 and Emily Goldfinch 32
4.20H Swiftee 42, New Street 42, Party Royal 42 and Outrath 32
4.50H Demand Respect 70, Sayedaati Saadati 60 and Istimraar 32

Have fun!

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