Cheers Future. Not done the numbers yet but it looks like the best performing day so far with Maifalki (25.70 BFSP) duly obliging. I used to play golf (badly!) and one of most significant attributes of a good golfer is their swing. Through repetition a top pro’s golf swing becomes natural and totally consistent every single time. The very best golfers are able to distance themselves from the emotional impact of their next shot and just let that golf swing do its work. The same concept I believe can be seen with horse racing. Over the years I’ve noticed that when betting without the help of “systems” or “processes” the choice of selections can be affected by your emotional state especially when a bad betting patch may be taking place. In other words your betting “golf swing” gets affected by the emotional state you find yourself in. This may well be subconscious but it happens. Subsequently the decision making process you may normally adopt becomes haphazard and not consistent. You back horses you wouldn’t normally back or miss winners because of self doubts. This whole process is I believe 90% automated in that the numbers I use determine the selections as opposed to my subjective opinions. I just have faith in this betting swing. The question has always been is it a good golf swing? Will I hit that fairway and green more often than I hit the sand bunker or rough? The ability to recover after a bad golf shot is often as important as making a good golf shot. I started this with a 150 point bank compounding each day after a new high. After day 19 a high of 470 points was reached – happy days! After day 26 this had been reduced to 186 points – urgh!. After day 32 I’m back up to a new high of 536 points – phew!, which swiftly reduced down to 217 points after day 40 – I’m getting dizzy!. Two bad patches but after today I’m now back up to a new high of 610 points so happy again. Throughout all this my selection process hasn’t changed. I’ve not allowed my betting golf swing to be affected by the results, but just teed up as usual each and every day and let the process and numbers determine the selections.

The peaks and troughs are certainly dramatic and subsequently a higher starting bank would certainly reduce the bank’s percentage drops which have peaked at 60% twice. That is too high in my opinion from a pure psychological perspective so a larger betting bank is ideally needed. A 200 point bank would have seen a 45% bank drop whereas a 250 point bank would have seen a 36% drop. If I get the time over Xmas I want to look over the stats (almost 1000 races now) and try to see if anything can be improved upon for the New year, but so far I can’t really have any complaints. My bank has quadrupled in 43 days which certainly beats the meagre building society rates!

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