Wednesday Day 43 Results 6/29 + 83.86 at BFSP less 5% comm (Barton Gift 37.87, Miss Mash 6.20, Realise 4.09, Back to The Thatch 41.47, Song of Shadows 2.94, Maifalki 25.70)

Running total 243/1401 +233.10 pts at BFSP after 5% Comm

Yes future – a very very sweet day! Big priced winners aren’t found every day which is understandable when you consider that the SR of 16/1+ horses winning is just 2%. You can take the “sinister” route and fundamentally back the majority of outsiders and winners will be found, like catching fish with a hand grenade but the SR of 2-3% means a 600-800 point bank plus a big reliance on obtaining higher matched prices than BFSP to guarantee any profits. The higher priced selections here are far more selective – like fishing with a rod and line as opposed to a hand grenade which means that the overall SR remains above 15% and subsequently the bank size and potential long losing runs are reduced. With yesterday’s winners I got matched at 40, 7, 4, 80, 2.80 & 18 – over 30 points higher than BFSP and so the sound sinister principle of asking for greater prices on the bigger priced selections applies equally here.

Just the single meeting this evening at Dundalk and posting these early as Xmas chores await!

Have a great Xmas everyone!

5.30: Happy Company (25/1) Surewhynot (33/1) Time Constraint (4/1) Lambikin (50/1)
6.30: Hat Alnasar (20/1) Chestnut Fire (7/4) McGuigan (16/1)
7.00: Sitting Bull (5/1) Roses Need Rain (20/1) Gold Eliza (40/1)
7.30: Shake the Bucket (13/2)
8.00: Political Policy (14/1) Power Grid (7/2)

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