cheers maverick , not covered myself but now it’s happened , the first time in 25 years i will get it put on .

try and find us some now mate like i’ve been having please , would soften the blow , i won’t keep finding them all the time lol , anyway here’s today’s ….

12:50 Newcastle White Royale
13:00 Taunton Camron De Chaillac Norse Light

13:30 Taunton Peal Of Bells
13:50 Newcastle Hard To Handel
14:00 Taunton Samdibien
14:30 Taunton Followmybuttons
15:20 Newcastle What Usain
15:30 Taunton Ballycoe
16:00 Taunton Silver Streak Badilou Beautiful People
16:20 Newcastle Secret Interlude

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