Hi Guys, it’s been a while since I posted here. Financial cock up meant my subscription didn’t go thro’ properly, so I couldn’t log in. Sorted now.

I have been continuing to monitor this system, although losing my access to the cards meant I couldn’t cherry pick potential selections as well as I would have liked. None the less, the results have been pretty decent. I still need to do work on the filters to finalise the selection process, but now that we’ve gotten rid of the festive season, along with all its disruptions, I should be able to post that soon.

Up to and including 28 Dec, I have made 57 selections, with 15 of them bringing home the bacon.
That’s a strike rate of 24.56%. I also assumed a starting bank of £100, that now stands at £121.40, so 21.4% ROI not to be sniffed at. As of writing this, I haven’t yet looked thro’ today’s racing, and may well not bother (daughter’s birthday tomorrow, so a little hectic).

I have kept a spreadsheet (not perfect, but you should be able to refine it to your own liking), if anybody would like a copy, I will email it. Just contact me on p.reynolds850@gmail.com (no spam please). I will remove that address soon, so get in touch today.

Catch you all later

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