maverick all the best mate , have a nice break .
when you were talking about re typing the selections it got me thinking , i just copy & paste over , so much easier .
all done from after you have put your bets on , i used to do it after each race but now after they all have been put on i go to
my account …………..my bets …………..they will all show there , at the bottom you will see 10 , 20 , 50 , 100 bets per page , i have had 18 bets today so these will all show in the 20 bets , underneath you will see 1-18 , for more or less go to the other ones , i then just copy and paste over the time and selection showing from the first one to the last in the forum thread .
hope this helps you , it certainly does me as you save a bit of time there typing out , it takes long enough for me finding out the selections , writing them down and putting them on in the first place .

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