Hi all Richard yes the original idea was as of the post i originally placed, but as with systems they change and develop.
I am keeping the originality of the system in still using the reports and using the IE and Trainer and jockey stats, but I am delving a bit deeper, if their are a couple of possibles for a race say in a 14 runner race I will then look further to see if a selection is better than the other or if the form of the trainer and jockey is more prominent at either the type of race or course then again will delve deeper, for example as you said Bollihope was a selection based on previous criteria were as petite jack and rock warbler were based on horse and trainer form at track, grade and type of race, the others based on quality as in strong pursuit and course form of the horse on the others, it was a different way of making selections as I felt the original system was feeling a little flat and sour, he needed a little change and i think this will work.
I ran a test yesterday and had 3 winners out of 4 so decided to post today to test the waters again, should have explained b4 but didn’t have time so i apologise.

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