I’m sure the situation will turn around for you soon Jock. I’m at 353. Actual today for me was a profit, so not gonna complain.
I know what you mean about commentators, learned to turn them donuts off a few years ago. They’ve a terrible habit of getting you doubting yourself. Same with reading comments in Racing Post. I’ve missed out on so many winners on account of taking their view at face value.
I’ve also learned not to dig too deep. A big problem for me, until recently, was that I would over analyse a race. I found that I was going overboard, ending up with information overload, I started making some daft decisions based on having too much info.
I’ve eased off that a bit now, and I’m doing better for it. I can take losses on the chin, and if they become too numerous, I take time out from looking & betting. After 3 or 4 days away from it, I’m ready to go again.
Anyway, I’m rambling. Had quite a bit do tonight, so I haven’t looked at tomorrows yet. I’ll have a look in the morn’, once Aimee’s gone to school.
Keep your chin up (or are you old enough to have chins 🙂 )

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