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Saturday Day 57 Results 9/67 + 35.60 at BFSP less 5% comm (Fidux 7.20, Foxtail Hill 6.32, Rock Gone 2.20, Overtown Empress 2.41, American 5.37, One For Harry 10.66, One For Arthur 18.84, Maverik 3.95, Mountain Path 50.00)

Running total 350/2010 +269.57pts at BFSP after 5% Comm

Not really one for shedding tears preferring the hard reality of facts and statistics. So I had a very quick review of my spreadsheets. Since I started this 57 days ago there have been 3177 of what I call base selections reduced down by a filter to the 2010 selections I’ve posted here. The base selections have produced 492 winners at a SR of 15.49% whereas the filtered posted selections have now produced 350 winners at a SR of 17.41%. So the ones I omit generated 142 winners from 1167 discarded selections at a SR of 12.17%. Comparing early (BOG) prices for the base selections and the filtered selections, which I feel provides a fairer indication shows that the base selections have generated a 248.58 point profit for a ROI of 7.82%. That in itself is admirable. However the filtered selections now show a 300.79 point profit at EP/BOG which is a ROI of 14.96%. I’ve missed two very big winners (BFSP 200 & yesterdays 181) however that’s two in over 3000 selections and without these the base selections results and profits would look completely different. The reality is that so far this is working and my modest 150 point starting bank by compounding at each high point is now 764 points. I would however advise that 150 points is a tad adventurous due to the roller coaster ride these selections generate. Anyway here’s today’s hopefuls:

Sunday Day 58

12.40: Quietly (11/4) Ryedale Dancer (5/1)
1.10: Uncle Percy (40/1) Red Indian (11/10) Helmsley Lad (4/1)
1.40: Two Smoking Barrels (5/6)
2.10: Teo Vivo (7/2)
3.40: Dolatub (9/2)

1.00: Kate Appleby Shoes (7/4) Magic of Light (10/1) Une Lavandiere (40/1)
1.30: A Year to Remember (10/3) Pahaska (12/1) Early Pass (22/1)
2.00: There You Go (10/1) Monastic (12/1) Nicoles Milan (33/1)
2.30: Ball D’Arc (4/1) Turn Over Sivola (25/1)
3.00: Townshend (10/11)
3.30: Bright Tomorrow (14/1) Girly Girl (12/1)
4.00: Penance (50/1) Oakley Hall (9/4) Valiant Vixen (80/1)

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