Hi Kangeroo_Girl, I understand that it’s difficult that is why I put the selections up for everyone, to go on your post for example when looking at the race on IE remember it has to be on WIN, looking at the race you have 4 horses with no form (all red) so all 4 eliminated, of the other 4, we eliminate 2 having 1 amber and 2 or more red or grey, so that leaves us with 2 selections, 1 has 1 green 1 amber and 3 red the other has 2 green 1 amber and rest grey so to my instinct
1. The race is not as competitive as it looks when you look at it properly
2. Most horses can be eliminated based on red and grey points
3. The selection is the only one with confirmed form in more sections than others.
Also remember we can eliminate horses to reduce down to 2 or 3 horses were we can look closer.
Moving on to card looking at this horse you can see that the trainer jockey form is good doesn’t need to be perfect but look for all sections to be as close as possible on strike rate and P&L, also look on full form to see if jockey/trainer/horse have a good mix, for example the trainer and jockey have a 45% strike rate in handicap hurdles, the jockey had 100% strike rate at course, were as all the others had no form with trainer jockey partnership, if you look at 14.40 and 15.15 that is a non starter to many greens and ambers all over, were as the 14.10 has 1 horse with form but trainer and jockey have no form at all and it came last.
Hope this helps a bit more remember it is down to personal opinion, I could easily had 2 or 3 more today but went against them because either not sure about horse form compared to others or trainer/jockey form was insufficient for an investment, always make sure when you have a selection you feel the investment is worth it thats what i forgot previously, but with my head straighter am thinking more conservatively.

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