Matt Bisogno

Hi guys

Just to say that the report is now back up and running (I think)


The report has been updated to include more of the info you need, like race title (which tells us whether it’s a handicap and/or hurdle/chase), number of runners; and it is now sorted by meeting and race time, so once you’ve found the track info on the spreadsheet below, you can check all races at once.

Here is the spreadsheet of all the figures, which Raymondo updates daily.


I’ve made both of these links available in the sidebar on the forum, for ease of reference.

With access to both of these, forumites should be able to do their own research the night before/whenever, without recourse to Mondo. It might make sense to compare your first few days with the ‘official’ version (note, there’s no such thing as an ‘official’ version as the odds data will change overnight, but you know what I mean!)


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