Hi Folks, a quick update on the system so far.
It was started on 28/11/16. Between then & today 24/01/17, I have made 100 selections over a total of 34 days, this works out at just under 3 per day, on the days that selections were made. Since 12 Dec, I have concentrated on the flat only, so at this time of year, it is AW only.
Of the 100 sel’s, 24 have brought home a return, with 6 of them being staked EW, the remainder staked as straight wins.
Odds have ranged from 3.75 – 21, giving average odds of around 7.4 (these are high street prices, so Betfair is going to be much better).
I started the trial with 100 points assuming 1 point = £1.00
As it stands we are at a strike rate of 24% and a ROI at 22.75%. The worse that the ROI got was -5.5%, so I’m confident that this could be attempted with a 25 point bank.
Prior to today, the lowest odds I’d encountered was 4.5, on one occassion. The 3.75 came today, with Daily Trader in the 1st at S’well.

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