With regard to filters for HCD, again, have a maximum field size and check that race conditions such as going, distance and track are suitable. Look at Inform/LT to see if the speed figures give them a chance perhaps. I think we could monitor all qualifiers to see if there are any traits we can pick up on.

I find once the evening racing begins in April, the number of meetings a day are untenable for comprehensive form study. I am thinking of utilising Pollination as follows. I am no doubt in the minority, but prefer class 4/5/6 races. I have also thought that concentrating in one area of the country geographically, would be a big help as well, and I would choose the Yorkshire courses and the North. Other than Maidens, most of the races are contested by a pool of horses located in this area. It is therefore viable to get to know not only the Horse requirements, but Trainer habits as well.At the moment, I am finding that by only looking at the A/W on a daily basis, I am mainly looking at one meeting per day and can do in depth analysis of each race. I like to watch videos of races which does take up a lot of time. I think that could help you as well during the week due to your own time constraints with work.

What do you think?

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