Ray Thompson

Yesterday’s post appears to have gone walkies! In one way that’s no bad thing as we finished the day with a loss of 41 points but still a spectacular monthly profit of +786.4 points. Now lets kick some February ass with a continuance of our good fortune…

NH Her HC-14, HH+85, F-6, ATR
1.30HH Lucky Gal 80 and Blackfire 50
3.30HC Aachen 50
4.30F Scotsbrook Night 200, Stanza Boy 200 and Murphy’s Nail 32

NH Lei HC+3, HH+56, ATR
2.10HC Ulis De Vassy 70
3.10HH Chankillo 70 and Orchard Boy 28
3.40HC Tjongejonge 70
4.40HH Dragon Khan 80, Xhale 32 and Old Magic 32

AW Kem M-60X, H+1,643, RUK
2.50M Feisty One U R 150, My Brother Mike 150, Broad Appeal 80 and Tibibit 32
3.20M Penny Poet 100, Everdina 100 and Whirlwind Romance 100
4.20H Bouclier 80
4.50H Langlauf 70, Hard To Handel 70 and Black Dave 32
5.20H Cappielow Park 80

AW Ncs M+28, H+420, ATR
4.25H Highwayman 70 and Card High 36
5.00M Thornton Mary 300, Bellamay 200 and Six Of The Best 200
5.30H Flying Hope 70
7.00H Silhuette 70 and Baron Run 42

Have fun!

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