Ray Thompson

Hi newcomers! I’ll post the “rules” after my selections for today,

Bubbles, mea culpa! I’m sorry to say that I’ve made a terrible mistake in failing to signify the X status against the race times. Even I hadn’t noticed my error and therefore backed them, as I suspect many others did. But, technically, the seven runners in the 2.50 and 3.20 were non-contenders and I hereby declare a loss of -23 points on the day. I promise to be more vigilant in the future!

NH Clo HC-13, HH-11, ATR
3.00HH Robyns Approach 100, Gold Smoke 100, Rock On Lilly 70, Black Kettle 70 and Northern Emperor 42
4.40MC* Miss Mill 80, Cloneen Choice 28 and Esthers Present 28
*Maiden Chase – no stats available.

NH Tow HC+35, HH+68, ATR
3.55HC Away Down West 150 and Shy John 32
4.25HH Alla Svelta 80, Charlie Parker 70, Sizing Sahara 70, Cheltenham De Vaige 70 and Cougar Kid 42

NH Wcn HC-98X, HH-8, F+30, RUK
3.10HH Zulu Oscar 80, McKenzie’s Friend 50 and Masters Hill 32
3.45HCX Rouge Et Blanc 42
4.45F Blanville 200, The Great Raymondo* 150 and Flo’sboysam 100
*(Qui, moi? 🙂 )

AW Cfd M+75, H+376, ATR
5.50H Torch 70, Baltic Prince 42, Rivers Of Asia 32 and Believe It 28
6.25H Power Up 100, Cornelious 70 and Firestorm 42
7.00H Sir Theodore 150 and Doctor Parkes 36
8.30H Emily Goldfinch 42 and Nasri 28

AW Sth M+261, H+294, ATR
1.45H Steel City Boy 150, Emerald Bay 80, Spiraea 80 an Harpers Ruby 42
4.05H Palindrome 70, Cabal 70 and Speculator 28
4.35H Spowaticus 42

Rules and regs after lunch. Have fun guys, catch you later…

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