Ray Thompson

Thanks for your query Chris. In the conversion table above it says “… ask for or take the approximate BP…” How approximate is up to you! A popular method is to ask for your price and hit the button for “…or take BSP at the off” if unmatched.

A loss of 38 points yesterday, although there was another nice winner at Meydan which I’m continuing to monitor. Hope to include this soon as it’s covered on Betfair too.

Lingfield AW’s out of (our) action today due to a lousy turnout and Catterick is a double ‘X’er for the record only

NH Cat HC-35X, HH-65X, RUK
2.15HCX Arantes 60
2.45HHX Askamore Darsi 28
3.55HCX Valentino’s Choice 70 and Foot The Bill 32
4.25HHX Rhythm Of Sound 70, Should I Stay 60 and Broadway Bell 32

AW Dun M+246, H+934, ATR
5.30H Maknificent 32
6.30H Duffys Corner 150, Rising Mist 80, The Lord’s Walk 70, Diamond Heart 36 and Consider 32
7.00M Flying Expectation 80, Eljaammi 80, Born On The Clyde 70 and John Ess 42
7.30H The Burnham Mare 70
8.00H Scobias 100, Onchu 80, Arterial 80, Nine Carat 70 and Molans Mare 42
8.30H Straight Gin 100, Paytheprice 70, Fast Kar 70, Missile Command 32 and Mr Michael 32

AW Kem M+9, H+1,639, RUK
5.45H Chandrayaan 28, Man Of La Mancha 28, Dalness Express 28 and Captain Kendall 28
6.15M Navajo Star 100, Maarit 100, Damo 70 and Rock N Roll Global 36
7.15H King Of Swing 100
7.45H Freight Train 200
8.15H Golden Muscade 50

Have fun and play nice with the other kids 😀

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