Hi Kangaroo_girl yes all bets ray puts up are BFSP he suggests the prices to take if less you can set your price as ray puts them or you can take BFSP, REMEBER if you set a price be sure to tick BFSP at off so you get the bet placed some of us have missed bigger prices for not ticking that, for example today we had a winner RAY put in 200+ as BFSP I set at 225 and it won at 300 but other times have taken 150 and its returned 66 so it depends if you want the prices ray sets or BFSP most times SP is higher but its swings and roundabouts another time I set a price at 100 it didnt reach it forgot to tick BFSP at off the horse won at 80 and i got nothing as bet was not placed BE CAREFUL ON THAT ONE, to start it maybe best just to take price when you place the bet.
My suggestion for a bank would be 500 points as February started 231 points down until yesterday and after today we are well profit so again you need to cover all possibilities.

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