Ray Thompson

2.40 it is, sorry about the typo.

jimmy, Matt thought your question was pretty clear. Unfortunately my Aspergers means I tend to take everything literally, therefore my answer would have been “No”. However, I sometimes ask what the questioner means for the sake of clarity. I’m often accused of using sarcasm in replies, but that is never my intent. I AM, though, a pedant and correct people when they misuse grammar and spelling even though I know they get angry when I do that. My OCD extends to horse racing and the appalling misspellings and bad grammar used when naming horses. I usually “get” those that are meant to be witty but am unsure with some.

My grandson’s greatest joke (!) was to move a book or dvd from its alphabetically positioned place to somewhere completely different then wait to see how long it was before I noticed. Funny *cough*.

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