Nice one Maverick, but to add to this is in my opinion the main downfall when it comes to horse racing is discipline, lots of people (including myself) can manage to sustain a proper bank and staking percentage, the problem with that is when you are either winning and/or losing the discipline starts to waiver, if your winning you increase your stakes above your set percentage, because you feel invicible because your not losing then the inevitanle crippler comes and you start losing, so to counter act this you increase again to win back the losses occured, of cours all tnis does is send you into a sprial and you end up losing your bank, whereas if you had stayed on track backing with original stake percentage and remain disciplined you would in fact be profitable and ahead, this is from experience and I would advise anyone if you are going into this treat it as a buisness remain vigilant and disciplined throughout, if you feel it is not going right or you may be tempted to go on tilt (tomuse a poker term) then stop for a while re-evaluate the situation and insure your mindset is back on track before proceeding.

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