Ray Thompson

Yesterday’s winner produced a nett profit of +14 points

Hi Kangeroo Girl. The horse was 66/1 ISP early doors, which translates into 150 BSP. Sometimes that price is immediately available, sometimes it gets there eventually and occasionally it doesn’t. Which is where the “take SP at the off” option comes into play. Northern Girl was returned at just under 80 in the end. If you’re new to Betfair it can take awhile to get used to it, but not long. Hope that helps

Not a lot to work with today as no contenders at Ayr, four at Fon and eight at AW Ncs

NH Fon HH+549, F+65, ATR
2.00HH Dainty Diva 50 and Aristocles 32
4.30F Golden Cannon 70, Hab Sab 70 and C’Est No Mour 42

AW Ncs H+402, ATR
3.10H Time Of My Life 100, Highland Castle 80 and Havana Beat 70
4.10H Fast And Furious 100, Al Khan 36, Angelic Lord 32 and Supersta 32
5.10H Jess 32

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