Hi Ray and Matt and the rest of the GG community,

Congratulations on the system. Quite eye watering pts returns. I am a late come’r to the thread and only following with interest at the moment. I have skimmed through the most of thread but still have a quick couple of questions if you will.

At what time of day do you make the list of potential bets? That is what time do you take your cue from the Industry prices to generate the odds report? The night before racing or morning off? I doubt it makes a huge deal of difference but curious to know if it does. Is it at a consistent time or are you happy just to fit this process into your your day as its fits?

The second question has been nibbled at lately. Have you any feel for what difference consistently taking BFSP does to the bottom line? I guess I am asking if anyone knows what percentage of selections are steamers in the market and end up going off at considerably lower prices? No doubt its swings are roundabouts, some you win this way some you don’t and long term probably not much in it.

The next question is probably more aimed at Matt or any techies. At the risk of sounding a completely lazy imbecile I did notice the links on the right but see that the odds report is a day or two out of date. Would it be much work for someone to have this automagically generated and appear on the site every day at lets say 9.00pm the night before racing? Genuine question I literally have no idea if it is even possible to do this via code.

Thanks for your time folks and keep up the good work…

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