Matt Bisogno

Another slow update, to close of play 26th February (or Sat 25th in reality, as no Sunday qualifiers).

One of the winners, Royal Birth, was available at 20/1 but returned 8/1. Those twelve points make the difference in this period between a respectable profit and a 6.35 point loss.

We are now right on 200 qualifiers since tracking began. And, alas, almost back to levels at starting price. If anyone has the prices that took/that were available to hand, it might be worth factoring in the early odds. Mainly because that’s what people are getting paid at, rather than the skinny off time variant.

Since last time:
4/23 -6.35

34 from 200 (17% SR)
+4.435 at SP (2.22% ROI)


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