Yeah, Bubbles180, I can still get some bets on at 365…I’m also a tenner the night before, unless it’s a more mature market, but they’ve let me keep BOG for some reason. Weird. The blow was considerably softened by being able to withdraw £9k last Monday. Don’t know whether to congratulate or commiserate regarding that Betfair bit of robbery. You hopefully earned a packet to be hammered like that. I suspect I’m a million miles away from that as my discount rate is currently a mere 2%.

Matt, I guess I’m not representative because I don’t punt all qualifiers (no odds-on shots, no multiple top-rated, no bet if I already have it elsewhere eg SotD), but I reckon I follow 75% of the time, mainly to BFSP, and I was 21 points up at the end of the year, and a reset + 1 point for 2017 to date after today’s first…and I seem to recall forgetting to put on a decent priced winner to boot. I can’t believe anyone here bets to ISP.


200 L (Cl 6 h/c) (73 – 66) Picansort 11/2


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